Some of the
things I’ve done

Hello! I make digital and traditional art and dabble in games.
I am currently looking for freelance illustration work,
so if you think I could help out, please get in touch!


Illustration for the IOS / Android game "Hellfire" by ngmoco.


Illustration for the IOS/Android game "Hellfire" for ngmoco.

Cage Armor

Personal sketch

Misty Forest

Illustration for the board game Dragon's Hoard


Illustration for the board game Dragon's Hoard


Redesign of the cover for the Ghibli film Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind


Personal piece.

The Lonely Tree

Personal piece.

Girl Murders

Cover for the novel Girl Murders by the author Virginia Brackett.


Still life, oil on canvas.

Cast drawing

A charcoal cast drawing done at Atelier Stockholm.

Bottle & Pear

Still life, oil on canvas


Figure painting from life, oil on canvas.

Chinese Vase

Still life, oil on canvas


Charcoal & chalk on toned paper.


Charcoal & chalk on colored paper.

Bird & Vase

Still life, oil on canvas

Always Coca-Cola

Alla prima still life, oil on canvas

In One Piece

A flash game made in 2 days together with two friends. Winner of the Audience award at Nordic Game Jam 2009.


My graduation project created together with five other students. A collection of mini games where the user gets awarded clothes/body parts/weapons that can be equipped on your character.

Leaf - A game about life

Made by grapefrukt and me for the art-game theme on the experimental gameplay project in December 2009.

Muchachos Muchachos Muchachos!

A prototype made together with grapefrukt and perlingon in about 36 hours for No More Sweden 2011.